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There are so many tragedies across our country. Pray for victims and survivors of the Las Vega shooting massacre. And the serious hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and twice in Puerto Rico. Terrible earthquakes ravaged Mexico. All of these affected locations will be years in recovering. Pray for civilians, first responders, and relief aid providers as they strive to recover from these disasters. Many lives and huge numbers of homes and businesses have been reported lost in Northern California. We pray for all these victims and the first responders who are fighting the fires.

We were saddened to hear of Vera's passing. She was a long-time, loyal member of the Chapel, and we remember her ready, cheerful smile on so many Sunday's. Today, her daughter Nancy shared the service with us.

Pam's nephew, Aaron, a combat Navy SEAL, was seriously injured in a training accident this past week. Pray for Aaron's strength and recovery, as well as the family's perseverance. How great (!) that Lang has rebounded, it seems, from his surgery a few weeks ago. We pray for restored health as Howard faces surgery this week; Kelly will need strength in order to help him. Our long-time friend Terry face knee replacement this week. Please pray for his recovery, too.

Today, Jean was able to join us at the Christmas luncheon; it was so good to see getting out and about. Pray for Mary to have health and strength, as she has experienced weakness over the past several weeks.

Dennis continues treatments and is experiencing side effects from chemotherapy. A critical surgery procedure has been performed, and a series of radiation treatments will begin soon.

We continue to pray for Darla, in hopes she will find comfort and peace after facing difficult emotional issues. We offer prayer for Julia, too, as she returns to college life after an illness.

Olivia and Brooke both have new, full-time jobs in Austin, Texas. We pray they will experience continued successes in their new lives and challenges.

Terrorists in Europe have attacked - and murdered - numerous civilians. In the hotbeds of the Middle East, most of the victims continue to be Muslims. There is no justification for these actions. The world needs to unite in efforts to eliminate the cancerous scourge known as ISIS.

Christians throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, are being mercilessly slaughtered for their faith. We pray that world leaders find solutions and take actions to stop the murderous extremists who conduct these attacks.  The Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe are deplorable and can only be alleviated through the Love of God. Pray for resolution.

Please help us to be mindful of the vicious attack on America on September 11, 2001, and to be wary of our adversaries from that fateful day.  We pray for the souls of the innocents who were lost on September 11, 2001.  We pray for wisdom and guidance for our national leaders and those of our allies as we combat the evil of that day.

Please pray for the on-going efforts of Young Life and Cru staff members, especially our local ones, as they work to keep our high school students focused on making wise decisions in their lives.


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