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Sunday, May 19, 2019
Pray for our Country - and the world, for that matter. The love of Jesus is desperately needed in so many facets of our lives, as well as in the lives of our leaders.

The number of our seriously ill folks increases, unfortunately.
●    Sonny struggles with the weekly treatments he endures. May the Lord give him and Cheryl the strength to continue with
      the arduous schedule.
●    Jim is proceeding in his rehab plan at Patriot's Colony. His attitude is strong, and he seriously adheres to the rigorous rehab
       schedule. Recovery will be very difficult. We pray for him to gain strength and heal quickly.
●    We ask for God's intervention again for sweet Julia, who has suffered so much, so long, after another major surgery. She
      has been hospitalized for more than a month and may face still another surgical procedure. Finding the right medication
      is now the issue to be resolved.
●    Peter is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, May 20.
●    Thad has regained a great deal of strength, plus some weight, and is now able to play golf! Praises!
●    The Dunne family has returned to their Williamsburg home.....good news, but they face major effort to get the home into
      good, livable condition after their extended absence.

Pray for our friend John, who is scheduled for a major surgery tomorrow, May 20.

Several in our congregation are suffering from health problems, and we pray for skill and guidance of the physicians and rapid recovery for all our folks. We have recently lost loved ones; pray for the families to persevere and keep up their faith and strength.

The love of Jesus is so needed throughout our country right now, as many people are angry and threatening. With politicians in disarray the whole country cries out for strong and effective leadership.

Christians throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, are being mercilessly slaughtered for their faith. We pray that world leaders find solutions and take actions to stop the murderous extremists who conduct these attacks.  The Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe are deplorable and can only be alleviated through the Love of God. Pray for resolution.

Please help us to be mindful of the vicious attack on America on September 11, 2001, and to be wary of our adversaries from that fateful day.  We pray for the souls of the innocents who were lost on September 11, 2001.  We pray for wisdom and guidance for our national leaders and those of our allies as we combat the evil that continues to this day.

Please pray for the on-going efforts of Young Life and Cru staff members, especially our local ones, as they work to keep our high school students focused on making wise decisions in their lives. We are thankful for recent staffing events at Providence Classical School.


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